The Beginning of the End

(Or, alternatively: Why I Committed to Such a Fantastically Time-Consuming Endeavour.)

I was once wandering around in a Waterstones branch in London, searching for a new book to read. Using my own memory of reading The Hunger Games (as well as a brief chat with the floor manager of the store), I took a look at some of the Young Adult dystopian fiction, and stumbled across an – as of yet – unpopular book in the top corner of one shelf. When I brought it to the counter, my newfound friend was overjoyed at my choice. “It’s a brilliant book. I wish I could publicise it more, but they’re still building up for Suzanne Collins’ series, what with the film coming out and all… But I have high hopes for this one. I hope you enjoy it!”

So I went home and read. And carried on reading. Actually, despite it being exam season, I had closed the back cover for the final time the very next evening. And I had loved it. Remembering how much she had wanted it to get noticed, I, too, felt a sudden inspiration, so I turned on the computer and typed up a quick text post on my tumblr to give it some exposure to my (very limited, at that time) followers. Of course, the post went largely unnoticed, to my great disappointment.

And yet, less than six months later, I noticed a sudden flux of fans; a number of my friends finally got up and bought the book upon my recommendation – every one of them adoring it from start to finish. Soon enough, it was a common second fandom for blogs on tumblr, a whole army of fans, and a great response when the second book of the trilogy was released. Veronica Roth’s Divergent had made it at last.

It was only recently that I happened to go back into the same branch of Waterstones again, and spotted that same floor manager from across the store. Without preamble, I went up to her and thanked her so much for recommending the book to me as well as for her help the last time I had visited. She was very happy that Divergent had received the reception it deserved at last.

After this, I went home and realised that maybe next time, I could help the author to popularity much sooner, or at least find a way to encourage others into a passion for discovering new and old writing as much as I do myself. So, I started this blog and set up this post, and, well, here we are today.

So, whether you’ve found me via my tumblr, or some other means, thank you for coming, and do enjoy your stay. I hope you can find joy in these books and discover more than you’d ever dreamed of.


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