Book Review: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


‘I liked to walk up Fifth Avenue and pick out romantic women from the crowd and imagine that in a few minutes I was going to enter into their lives, and no one would ever know or disapprove.’

Reading Ages: 14+
Category: Classical Fiction
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

F. Scott Fitzgerald truly lives up to his reputation as one of the greatest authors of the 20th century in this encapsulating account of the intertwined lives that fall before Nick Carraway, newly come to 1920s New York. The ‘Great’ Gatsby, with his lavish parties and ‘glittering’ guests, allows the reader to be thrown into the whirlwind that is post-war America and a society that is centred around wealth, status and glamour.

I adored every second of this book: the casual, conversational writing style of Fitzgerald’s surrogate author, Nick, manages to retain the intensity of one utterly consumed by his story while maintaining a steady flow of plot line to keep the reader guessing. This is boosted greatly by his intriguing language as well as the detailed descriptions, dripping with hidden double meanings. I adored the story, the character development of Gatsby as the originally stoical figure gradually gained that third dimension to his persona that I had been waiting for, climaxing at the chaotic ending.

Nick is the perfect narrator, as he gives us just enough detail to retain interest as well as washing us over and over with those powerfully descriptive passages of his, truly allowing us to hear, touch and taste that shimmering, fabulous ’20s atmosphere.

I have truly fallen in love with the writing style, the story and our dear characters. A true examination of the psyches of both rich and poor in times of romance lost, longed for and at last achieved.

Five stars is the very least that The Great Gatsby deserves.


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