Teenager from London, England, who probably reads a little too much.

I have had a passion for literature since I was very young, and was regularly taken to plays in and around London throughout my early childhood, from which has sprung an interest in drama and laterally, cinema. As a student, I of course enjoy the odd essay, too! This is a blog recommending (or not, as the case may be) books, films and plays from personal experience. All views expressed here are entirely my own, but, of course, I’d love to chat to you about them if you would like. I do bite, but fortunately the internet comes between us and therefore you should be fine! All jokes aside, I would be thrilled to discuss any of the matters raised on this blog, so don’t be afraid to add your thoughts.

If you spot any mistakes or would like to recommend a film, play or book for me to review, just drop me a comment!

Disclaimer: all the thumbnails used in my blog either are my own photos (of my own copies of the material) or have click-through links to the pages I found them on. If you find your own content on here, please do message me and I will take it down immediately.


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